5-Minute Pitch Deck

Crafting the 5-min Pitch Deck

Below are the resources to accompany the event at WeWork Lincoln Road where Keith Mantel (@itabohq) and I made a tutorial on crafting the 5-minute pitch.  Resources to check out:

  1. Video tutorial (7 minutes)
  2. Podcast Episode 009
  3. Worksheets and PPT template download to walk you step by step in crafting a pitch that tells the story of your startup/idea and gets attention from investors (DOWNLOAD below)
  4. Other resources to consider:
    1. Google Entrepreneurs “demo day” pitch video
    2. Guy Kawasaki’s post http://guykawasaki.com/the-only-10-slides-you-need-in-your-pitch/
    3. SlideShare Template by Pitch Deck Coach
    4. How to Write Pitch Decks by Pitch Deck Coach

As we mention in the video, don’t worry about making the “perfect” pitch deck – go for an MVP that allows you to craft an initial story that you can refine over time with feedback and as your idea/startup materializes.

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