I’ve lived in Miami for 5+ years and had no idea there was a bustling startup & entrepreneurship scene here.  After hanging out at WeWork in Miami Beach, I realized there were a lot of cool stories yet to be told.  I’m a big fan of Podcasts, so I decided to try my hand at making my own . . . and that’s how the Miami Hustle Series was born.

Why did I choose the name “Hustle?”  A few reasons:

  1. You hear all the time that ideas don’t count for much, it’s execution that matters.  Hustle is what makes execution happen.
  2. It’s a term that suits Miami well.  We aren’t Silicon Valley and we shouldn’t try to be.  But we can show up everyday, make progress, and create real businesses that help people.  Maybe we fail, maybe we don’t, but by trying we are certain to get better as entrepreneurs and as a city.  Growth comes from trying –  from Hustle.
  3. I wasn’t the best player on my high school baseball team, but I did get the “Mr. Hustle” award.  So that’s another reason it fits.You can learn more about me on LinkedIn – send me an invite and say you heard about my Podcast – I’d love to connect!

You can also follow the Miami Hustle series on Twitter and Instagram.  I’m not a heavy poster on social media (maybe some UM and FIU interns can help me there), but I’d love to be in touch!

Thanks for checking out this site and I hope you enjoy the episodes.