EP 033: What it takes to win Miami’s biggest pitch competition

I sat down with Luc Castera, Co-Founder of Cetus Labs and winner of the recent eMERGE Americas Pitch Competition in the Early Stage category
We had a great chat covering Luc’s family legacy of entrepreneurship and its impact on launching Cetus, advice he’d give to non-technical startup founders, and what is was about his pitch that resulted in winning the eMERGE Americas competition.
1:30 His family’s entrepreneurial history and how that has influenced his path
2:45 – What he has learned in his previous startups that has helped with launching Cetus
5:30 – How he decided to focus on the shipping industry
8:15 – What it is about Cetus that has his father especially excited
11:50 – How Cetus generates revenue
15:50 – What he would focus on if he only one one metric to navigate the business by
18:00 – His experience winning the eMERGE Pitch Competition and what led to that success
20:15 – His thoughts on taking on investors
27:15 – Closing questions: pros and cons of Miami for startups, best advice, books, final advice
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