EP 034: Building a Miami fitness empire with Guido Trinidad

If you’re in Miami and don’t know who Guido is, you should!  Not only is he the founder of one of Miami’s top gyms and the co-founder of a truly global Fitness Festival that takes place in Bayfront park in January, but he’s also a long-time CrossFit competitor, achieving high accolades in the sport including making it to the pinnacle of competition, the CrossFit Games, a grueling competition which features the fittest athletes in the world – truly the major leagues of fitness.
Guido is a businessman, coach, family man, and an inspiration to countless here in Miami and beyond, including myself.
We can all learn a lot from the hustle and drive behind his start as a fitness professional and his growth as an entrepreneur.  I’m honored to call him my friend and if there’s one person who epitomizes what Miami hustle is about, it’s this guy.
So entrepreneurs, business people, cross fitters, whoever you are, listen up!  Some deep and actionable wisdom here from the one and only Guido Trinidad (@guidotrinidad @thewodapalooza @peak360crossfit @perfectfuelmeals )
2:30 – Athletic background, including time as a pro football athlete in Europe
3:30 – Short stint as an elevator salesman, picking up skills but realizing “corporate America” wasn’t for him
5:00 – Planning his exit from corporate America and getting started as a fitness entrepreneur
6:00 – Getting his first clients
7:00 – Increasing sales by scaling from individual clients to larger groups
8:00 – Finding his first brick and mortar location out of desperation and serendipity
10:00 – Starting the gym with no money, using his car to light the gym
11:45 – Getting kicked out of his space because of a shady business deal
12:30 – Why he says the best educator in business in getting actual experience
13:15 – The benefits of being naive
13:45 – Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and those stuck in an unfulfilling 9-to-5
15:00 – Workout intermission with Noah Ohlsen @nohlsen
15:20 – A 10-minute workout for entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and anyone “too busy” for fitness
17:45 – How one of his clients lost 100 pounds and no longer needed his pacemaker
20:15 – Simple nutrition for weight loss, muscle building, and overall health
21:00 – How Peak360 generates revenue and makes fitness fun
23:00 – Why he doesn’t compete on price but provides more value than what his clients pay for
24:00 – His one metric for business success via @benbergeron
25:15 – Building a global fitness festival in Miami featuring 20K spectators and 80+ sponsors (Wodapalooza)
26:45 – How identifying their “why” transformed the festival and catapulted its growth
29:00 – Why they never based decisions based off money . . . and are making money as a result
30:00 – Pros and cons of doing business in Miami
31:10 – “Only in Miami” stories
31:20 – Daily habits that keep him on track – investing in himself, family time
33:20 – Book recommendations
34:40 – What he’d do if he were brand new to Miami and had $500 to start a business
36:30 – Final advice – going for it, handling adversity
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