EP 036: Startup lessons from the “OG” of Miami Tech

I sat down with Brian Breslin, who we all know as the Founder of Miami’s largest tech community, Refresh Miami.  Brian has been an entrepreneur since he was 15 and has lessons to share from those early days, including how he almost got put out of business by a lawsuit.  We covered some of his lowest moments as an entrepreneur when he could just barely make payroll, plus why he chose to enhance his business experience through the formal education of an MBA.
Brian talks about how he started Refresh Miami when he couldn’t find like-minded people in tech to hang out with along with his thoughts on the prospects for Miami’s growing tech scene.
No one has seen more when it comes to Miami Tech than Brian and we can all benefit from his experience on the scene and as an entrepreneur.  Lastly, stay tuned until the closing minutes of the show where Brian and I offer up a challenge to fund select Miami hustlers with $500 to start a business and be mentored by us.
2:05 – Starting Infinimedia as a teenager and growing it to its current state
4:40 – Lessons learned from his early venture and advice to startups
6:00 – Exposing fraud, being sued, and coming out alive
7:20 – Lowest points as an entrepreneur
8:00 – The story of how Refresh Miami came to be
9:20 – Proudest moments with Refresh
11:20 – Lowest moments with Refresh
12:50 – Deciding to pursue an MBA and the pros/cons of full-time vs Exec program
16:20 – Seeing a need in the education market and starting Simcase
19:10 – His thoughts on Miami tech – bullish or bearish?
23:20 – Common themes from failed & successful Miami startups
25:20 – Refresh’s new website – living, breathing document for where to go on all things Miami startups
27:00 – Closing questions: best advice, favorite books, habits / routines, what he’d do with $500 if new to Miami
33:20 – Brian and I offer $500 to Miami Hustlers to start a business
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