EP 037: The Underline – hustlers on a mission

I’m excited to bring to you the ladies of the Underline – Meg and Gita.  Now, if you’re in Miami and don’t know what The Underline is, you should!  We get into all that here, including the story of how Meg got the idea for it after a bicycle accident where she broke both elbows.  There are some pure entrepreneurial lessons we can all learn here, including the importance of getting your idea out there to create your own luck, Meg’s practice of being comfortable with discomfort, and Gita’s push to never settle for anything less than excellent.
Meg, Gita, and a huge team of supporters are working hard to transform our city with one of the coolest projects I’ve come across and we can all learn a lot from their hustle and drive.
1:55 – How Meg got the idea for The Underline
4:00 – How luck came their way when they started getting the word out
8:00 – Their vision for The Underline and what it will look like and mean for Miami
10:20 – Parallel lessons for entrepreneurs & businesspeople
16:40 – How businesses near The Underline can best take advantage of the opportunities it will provide
20:00 – How they stay focused when being pulled in multiple directions
25:00 – Closing questions: best advice, books, “only in Miami” moments, what they’d do with $500 if new to Miami
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