EP 040: How to network your way into a dream job

Wondering what it takes to get into your dream job or kickstart a passion project?
I sat down with inspiring Miami hustler Leigh-Ann Buchanan from Venture Cafe Miami to hear how she found her dream job after working for 7 years as a commercial litigation attorney.
We chat about her methods for networking authentically and how she’s handled the challenge of being a structured, process-oriented person now dealing with ambiguity and the “seat-of-your-pants” operations inherent in entrepreneurship.
We cover the non-profit she founded, the NYAH Project and of course, the great work she and others at Venture Cafe and CIC Miami are doing to bring innovation to our entrepreneurial ecosystem, including their weekly event series every Thursday.
Leigh-Ann is an emerging leader with her finger on the pulse of Miami’s rising entrepreneurial scene.  Miami hustlers of all types can all learn from her perspective and how she worked her way into the leadership role at Venture Cafe.
2:15 – How she went from being an attorney to taking the leadership role at Venture Cafe Miami
3:15 – What she would recommend for someone trying to pursue a passion project
5:15 – Her advice on networking and reaching out to people
9:15 – How CIC and Venture Cafe are bringing an inclusive event environment to Miami
11:30 – What is was like launching the “startup” of Venture Cafe and advice to entrepreneurs
12:45 – Overcoming “analysis paralysis” to get ambiguous jobs done
16:00 – What she wishes she knew before launching Venture Cafe
20:15 – Her personal passion project, The NYAH Project

24:10 – Best advice, book recommendations, what she’d do with $500 to start a business if she were new to

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