EP 041: Good Miami vibes, the healing power of cold, and building a place where everybody knows your name

Wondering how to keep your health on track through that Miami hustle?
I’m excited to bring Jordan Kaplan (@kaplanchirosobe) from Kaplan Chiropractic in South Beach to you.  He shares what it was like to nearly go bankrupt before his practice even opened and how he bounced back by bringing on a great team and building an office culture where patients stop by even when they’re not being treated.
We also cover how to get a better night’s sleep, the benefits of “bulletproof” coffee . . . AND I get frozen during the episode is his office’s cryochamber.
Some powerful lessons, health tips, and an overall positive vibe from one of our community’s emerging leaders.  I’m proud to call Jordan my friend – he has big hopes for Miami and the community of people making it a better place every day.  (Be sure pay a visit to @kaplanchiro – it’s my go-to place for healing, rejuvenation, and a great vibe).
2:00 – Realizing his gift for healing
2:50 – The miraculous experience with a chiropractor that piqued his interest in chiro
3:45 – How he learned business without having any experience
5:15 – Advice to other professionals considering their own practice
6:30 – How he’s gotten past the fear of not feeling good enough
7:30 – How he was almost bankrupted before opening
8:45 – Why he thinks comfort is our worst enemy
9:30 – How chiropractic helps the body heal itself
10:45 – Advice on getting a better night’s sleep
12:45 – Thoughts on “Bulletproof” coffee
15:15 – Using cryotherapy for health, recovery, rejuvenation
16:30 – I get frozen in the Cryochamber; Jordan talks about celebrities who stop by and use it
19:15 – What “biohacking” means to him
20:00 – How Kaplan Chiro generates revenue
21:00 – How he and his team have created a healing environment where people love to stop by and hang out even when they’re not being  treated
22:00 – The one metric he’d use to navigate his business by
22:45 – Thoughts on having celebrity clients
24:00 – How he’s built a strong company culture
25:45 – Being committed to developing his team personally and professionally
26:50 – What it’s been like having a family as an entrepreneur
27:45 – Closing questions: best advice, book recommendations, pros/cons of doing business in Miami, “only in Miami” moments, what he’d do with $500 if he was new to Miami
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