EP 045: Building a new American tea culture

Looking for an example of taking the long view when it comes to business?  You’ve found it right here with Miami’s very own Jojo tea.
We cover how Jojo came to be after Mike’s pursuit of acting took an interesting turn into yoga and meditation and the amazing story of how Jojo got it’s name, something that might put chills down your spine.  Plus, the story of how Tico turned down a job opportunity to help build Jojo and what he’s learned about business in the process.
An amazing story shared by these two Miami hustlers and solid lessons for anyone, especially when it comes to taking the long view in business.
Other Highlights:
The right way to drink tea (hint, it involves slurping, not sipping)
How they are using Miami’s strengths in food & hospitality to create a new American tea culture.
The ONE metric they’d navigate their business by . . . and why it certainly isn’t what you might expect.
What they’d do if a major retailer came and wanted to put Jojo on their shelves
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