EP 046: Being new to America & Miami and building a company with nothing but hustle

Curious what it takes to truly start from nothing in Miami?
Hear the story of how Matti Marshak came from Israel with no money and a job promised to him . . . then seeing that job fall through just weeks after arriving.  Learn how he found his way into the tech industry by taking low-paying work and sticking things out until new opportunities arose.
We hear how he and his business partner Avi later launched Pacific54, now one of the Miami startup scene’s leading digital marketing agencies.
Matti gives some advice on how to think about a digital marketing strategy while covering some of the most important metrics a company should be tracking.
If there’s one guest I’ve had on this show who has lived the scenario I pose to every guest at the end of each episode – namely being new to Miami and only having $500 to start a business, it’s this guy!
2:30 The “only in Miami” moment that brought him from Israel to the US
4:30 Feeling hopeless
5:30 Working odd jobs to make ends meet
6:00 How delivering newspapers led to an opportunity in tech
9:00 How he got started in digital marketing
10:15 Finding a great developer in Romania
12:00 The value of having a co-founder
13:30 Transitioning from being a worker to a leader, and the pressure of being responsible for people’s well-being
16:00 How to handle clients when they don’t know what they want or have unrealistic unexpectations
21:00 – Best advice he’s received
21:45 – Pros & cons of doing business in Miami
23:30 – “Only in Miami” moments
24:00 – Favorite book and its lesson for Miami
26:45 – What he’d do if brand new to Miami and had $500 to start a business
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