EP 049: Everymundo and the Power of the Niche – Priceless Lessons in Growth for Miami Startups (Without Raising Money)

If there’s one episode Miami tech startups should listen to it’s this one because Seth shares their formula for building a company WITHOUT the typical Angel and VC investment approach that pervades the startup culture, not just here in Miami but everywhere.

I sit down with Seth Cassel, President at Everymundo to talk about how “going narrow to go deep” and focusing on an industry niche has led to a sustainable business and now future opportunities to expand into other industries.

Why Seth was especially attracted to founder Anton’s unique philosophy to business growth, despite its differences from what he learned at Harvard Business School. Seth shares some great stories, including how getting banned by Google Advertising sparked the idea for their biggest business opportunity and how their philosophy of focusing on employee productivity surprisingly leads to employee happiness.

Solid lessons here in lean startup philosophy, culture, and navigating a multilingual company with customers spanning the globe.

2:30 – Anton’s approach to startups & how it differed from what Seth learned in business school.
4:30 – Working with large partners (i.e. airlines) &how they could have had more confidence.
6:10 – How they came up with their biggest opportunity after being banned by Google.
12:40 – What is unique about Everymundo’s culture &how they sustain it through growth.
15:42 – A story of their candid, confrontational, but collaborative culture in action.
17:18 – Challenges of communicating in a multicultural, global environment.
18:34 – Taking care of employees & why a productive employee = a happy employee.
22:46 – Talent that they’re currently looking for.
23:38 – Closing questions – Best advice, Books, “Only in Miami” moment & what he’d do with $500 if new to Miami and starting a business.

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