EP050: Noah Ohlsen and the business of being a Pro CrossFit Athlete

Noah Ohlsen
I’m excited to bring Noah Ohlsen (@nohlsen) to you, one of the top athletes in the CrossFit community and boasting a huge social media following of over 350K followers.

We talk how Noah became a competitive CrossFitter while going to school full-time at UM and how he first realized the power of social media by experimenting on Instagram in the early days. We get into the streams of income he has available to him as a pro athlete in the “Sport of Fitness,” how it breaks down by category, and what he’s excited about in the future when it comes to growing a brand outside the sport.

I’m excited to bring this interview with “Miami’s Fittest Man” who shares his ups and downs as an athlete and passes on lessons of hard work, attention to detail, and making things happen when you’ve got your sights set on a goal.


9:00 – Noah’s mindset when it comes to putting in the work every day.
10:50 – Dedicating yourself to your craft.
11:51 – What followers might be surprised to learn about Noah.
14:37 – How Noah makes revenue by working with sponsors and competitions.
21:16 – Guido Trinidad on Noah’s foresight on professional branding by utilizing social media.
24:48 – Noah’s advice on social media branding and why he takes it upon himself.
33:55 – How he deals with the backlash of having a large social media following.
39:15 – Questions from Noah’s followers.
42:05 – Closing Questions – Best advice, Books, “Only in Miami” moments & what he’d do with $500 if he was new to Miami and starting a business.

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