EP051: The Wyncode Story: Building a pillar of Miami tech

Juha & Jo / Wyncode
I’m excited to bring you the power couple of Miami Tech that needs no introduction – Juha and Jo Mikkola of Wyncode.
We dive deep into their story of:
     – How they came up with the idea to launch a coding bootcamp in Miami.
     – Why they chose Miami and moved here from Toronto.
     – Early days validating the idea for Wyncode.
     – The serendipity around closing their recent round of $1M funding.
     – Why they believe ANYONE can learn to code.
Juha and Jo are recognized leaders in the Miami Tech ecosystem and share sound lessons in starting and growing a business, making this episode a must-listen for anyone in our startup community.

3:20 – How their previous business experience has helped them build Wyncode (Juha as an entrepreneur, Jo as an executive for the NHL)
4:21 – How they came up with the idea for a coding bootcamp after Juha attended one in Toronto
9:15 – Advice they’d give to entrepreneurs on taking those first, difficult steps, including how having a self-imposed deadline helped them kickstart Wyncode.
11:15 – How they hedged their bet of launching in Florida by positioning Juha’s existing business to continue operating out of Florida.
25:24 – The importance of managing cash flow as an entrepreneur and why a bookkeeper should be one of the first people you hire.
29:12 – The story of getting their recent round of funding and why you should always make an effort to keep in touch with people.
35:00 – Why they are firm believers that anyone can learn to code.
42:10 – Closing questions – Best advice, Books, “Only in Miami” moment & what he’d do with $500 if new to Miami and starting a business.

Mentioned in this Episode:
     Ed Toro
     Matt Haggman
     Nancy Dahlberg