EP052: How to Make Your Mondays Count – Lessons in Life and Business from One of Miami’s Top Uber drivers

This episode features a unique “hustler” that most of us have come across on our time here in Miami – the ridesharing driver from apps like Uber and Lyft. David Lowell is one of South Florida’s top Uber drivers, having amassed nearly 10,000 rides and over 5,000 5-star ratings at the time of the recording.

Don’t assume that because this isn’t a typical Miami “startup” that there aren’t business lessons here – believe me, there are, and David and I touch on a handful right out of the gate.
We get into the importance of “showing up” and how he’s often able to make more than other drivers with just a little more hustle. Having been a business owner himself earlier in life, he also shares advice for anyone considering a new job (including being a driver).

We even get into “tech” as he shares his thoughts on Uber’s long-term pivot to self-driving cars and why he’s not concerned about it taking his job.


     1:48 – David’s approach to customer service & how little things differentiate him as a driver.
     3:59 – Timeless lessons he learned from running his own businesses prior to Uber.
     4:41 – Lessons in “showing up” from a ride given to two businesswomen in Brickell.
     5:46 – The importance of approaching every ride with care.
     6:33 – Secret lessons in making money as an Uber driver.
     9:54 – Knowing your surroundings & how it translates to business success.
     11:33 – How he sets goals as a driver & the importance of doing so in business.
     14:48 – Lessons he’s learned as a driver that he wouldn’t have learned elsewhere.
     15:55 – Some favorite stories from the road.

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